2019 Allegro
Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

2019 Allegro
Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

Allegro who are we?

We have been Poles' favourite shopping destination for over 20 years. Our platform is home to small and medium-sized Polish businesses as well as the most popular international brands, with a total of over 117,000 merchants.

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Allegro is the most
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For customers

20 million customers visit us every month. By cooperating with many logistics companies, we are able to reach any place in Poland. We make sure shopping on Allegro is easy, comfortable and secure.

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Allegro is a great
place to do

All merchants can count on our support, which we align to their needs and development stage. First of all, we help them reach customers from all over Poland and provide them with professional customer service to increase their business performance in the long term.

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Our impact

Since the very beginning, we have been promoting entrepreneurship in one of the most innovative areas of the economy. Currently, all our activities are focused on the Polish market. We employ people here, pay taxes and engage in social activity.

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For employees

From a start-up located in the basement of a computer warehouse, we have grown to become the leader of the e-commerce market with 6 branches in Poland. We started our online journey as a team of 5. In 2019 Allegro had 1996 employees.

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