2019 Allegro
Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

Caring about the environment
Social impact

Ethics in Allegro

The principles of our Code of Ethics, which has been in place since 2016, have helped us conduct business in a responsible manner.

Our Code of Ethics consists of:

  • Transparency policy
  • Anti-mobbing policy
  • Whistle-blowing procedures
  • Anti-trust policy
  • Anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing policies
  • Security policy

Each of our employees is familiar with the principles in the Code. To make it easier for new people in our organisation to learn them, we offer a short “Stay Safe/Stay Fair” course. Once a year we also conduct training in all policies that are in place and in personal data protection to ensure our employees are more knowledgeable and competent.

The Ethics Committee oversees compliance with the Code of Ethics, examining and resolving the reported violations.

Composition of the Ethics Committee

  • HR Director or HR Business Partner
  • Head of Legal or a designated lawyer
  • Manager of the division the reported violation concerns
  • Representative of employees selected by the Employee Representation
  • CSO

We manage risk responsibly

At Allegro we like to keep an ear to the ground. We try to identify risks, understand where they come from and actively counteract them. The risk management policy introduced in 2019 helps us predict incidents.

Ethical supply chain

We run our business ethically and expect the same from our vendors and business partners. We want to make sure that they respect similar values and principles in their daily business. That is why in the case of contracts in excess of PLN 100,000, our vendors are required to accept and sign the Code of Conduct and the Vendor and Business Partner Questionnaire. This enables us to verify their conduct in its ethical, social and environmental aspects. We also try to ensure all our vendors submit a written statement of compliance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.

More about our activities in the supply chain LINK.

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