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For future employees

For employees

Allegro #dobrzetubyć

We have been developing dynamically for 20 years. From a start-up located in the basement of a computer warehouse, we have grown to become the European e-commerce champion with branches in 6 cities in Poland. We started our online journey as a team of 5. As at the date of publication of the report, Allegro has over 2,000 employees (1,996 in 2019). Without them, none of our successes and achievements would be possible! What we particularly value in our organisational culture is focusing on meeting customer needs, delivering useful solutions, communicating openly, but most of all innovating through technology, which enables us to keep developing dynamically.

According to our employees, the things that make you think it is #goodtobehere and build our workplace together with Allegro are:

  • Outstanding colleagues
  • Sense of impact
  • Scale of operation
  • Modern technologies
  • Interesting projects
  • Development opportunities

Working for Allegro

  • We aim high and set ambitious goals
  • We focus on the customers and their needs
  • We are agile, constantly looking for new and better solutions
  • We care about professional development and curiously seek new knowledge
  • We share knowledge and support others in achieving success
  • We treat one another with respect and we are honest with one another

All our employees form the unique Allegro workplace, which is why we conduct the BaZa annual opinion survey among all of them. We treat it as an important source of information about our workplace, and it is how we know which actions we should take to improve it. By analysing the BaZa survey results, we are able to better understand what drives engagement: which areas we are doing well in and where there is still work to be done. The survey is confidential and we benchmark ourselves against the best tech companies in the world.

Allegro employees in 2018 and 2019

Allegro employees
2018 2019
All employees 1731 1996
Gender Women
Type of contract Fixed-term contract
Contract for an indefinite period
Civil-law contract
Location Warsaw
Age 18-29 lat
29-50 lat

Allegro employees are not covered by collective bargaining agreements, and are represented by the Employee Representation.

Our management structure

Our management structure

Power in diversity

We believe in the power of diversity. It is very important to us both when hiring as well as promoting and evaluating employees. It is thanks to the differences between the individual members of our team that Allegro is such a creative place to work.

We want to treat everyone equally, regardless of gender, age, disability, health, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, denomination, non-denominational status, political belief, union membership, gender identity, family status or lifestyle.

At Allegro, we support diversity through:

  • Building diverse teams that achieve above-average results
  • Evaluating based on individual performance and commitment of each person
  • Counteracting discrimination and mobbing, and protecting against unjustified dismissal
  • Organising trainings to increase awareness of diversity
  • Organising or participating in events that promote diversity

We actively support women making careers in the technology industry. Among all, for 2 years we have been the partner of the Women in Tech Summit, during which our female employees share their career experiences with other women. Our Allegro Tech also organises our own “Mission: change your industry” series of meetings, where we present the stories of people who decided to change the industry they worked in, and offer practical tips. Our training offer also includes a session devoted to working in various teams. We are delighted that so many women decide to pursue a career at Allegro. In 2019, women in managerial positions at Allegro accounted for 41.2%.

The share of women in managerial positions was 41.2% in 2019

Communicating openly

Effective and open communication between teams affects the overall efficiency of our work. We strive to keep improving it. We organise various types of trainings/workshops, among all on providing constructive feedback and on non-violent communication (NVC), and team workshops based on the Extended Disc tool. At Allegro we want to communicate in a to-the-point, precise and structured manner, which is why we launched Pyramid Principle workshops (based on the Barbara Minto approach).

We stay in touch on a daily basis thanks to the Insite+ platform, which acts as our social intranet. This is where we publish the most important corporate and business information, and the content helps us drive employee engagement. Every employee can share any piece of information or idea with the entire Allegro at any time and from any device. We also stay in touch thanks to the Slack messenger and the Zoom video conferencing tool. With the numerous thematic channels, news and videoconferences, we can stay up to date despite working from home. Allegro Home is also a useful tool. It is an intranet Allegro site which is like an encyclopaedia for every employee.

Outside online space, we also organise periodic information meetings: Allegro Town_Hall and Q&A_Allegro. They enable every employee to learn about the company's strategy and new projects, and ask the management board questions. Every meeting ends with a Q&A session during which employees can ask about everything they consider important. Between Town_Halls and Q&A meetings, employees can use our Slack messenger to ask board members and department directors their questions on the dedicated qa_allegro channel. Our technology division also organises a dedicated event called Allegro Tech Meeting, which serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Focusing on growth

Our work, innovations and solutions that we implement affect the purchases made by millions of Poles every day. The large scale of our operations creates unique opportunities for developing competences by our employees and offers great motivation to act.

To our employees we also offer a broad selection of conferences, trainings and workshops, both abroad and in Poland, conducted by external and internal trainers. This is facilitated by MindUp, our internal development platform.

Goals in the MindUp programme:

Get knowledge
training, technical/business workshops, postgraduate courses, educational courses, and exams – the most useful for the given position in the area we operate in,

Share experience
e.g. training during which employees have the opportunity to assume the role of a trainer and share their knowledge with others from the organisation. Employees receive the necessary support from the HR department, who prepare them for the role of a trainer,

Unlock self-awareness
trainings focused on developing the so-called soft skills, stimulating creativity and innovativeness,

Be inspired
meetings with various people of authority who share their inspiring experiences and good practices with our team,

Lead others
training courses for leaders in developing managerial competences, e.g. team management, task delegation, cooperation, and communication. We offer the WarmUp programme to new leaders, supporting them in their first steps on the managerial path.

We like to be inspired and meet interesting people! That is why we invite interesting guests to visit Allegro as part of educational meetings for employees. In 2018 and 2019, we hosted Janina Daily, Grzegorz Lindenberg, Tomasz Bagiński and James Dening. This is a great opportunity for our employees to broaden their horizons and look at an issue from a different perspective.

We believe that the commitment of our employees is what makes Allegro so strong. That is why we also support them in sharing knowledge outside the organization. Every year, over 100 employees speak at conferences in Poland and abroad as experts, sharing their knowledge and talking about projects implemented at Allegro.

Average training rating in 2019 - 4,5 (on a scale of 1 to 5)
Average training rating in 2018 - 4.45

74% of employees took part in at least one training in 2019

Number of participants taking part in training sessions, broken down by gender
Number of participants %
Total 4416 100%
Gender Women

Fair evaluation

Even the most committed employees can lose motivation at some point if they do not understand their roles in the organisation. In people management, we focus on setting quarterly OKRs (objectives and key results) and on ongoing dialogue between the superior and employees, which lets us align priorities, goals and tasks. We also ensure that twice a year each person from our team has a development interview about the individual and team goals, and a semi-annual performance evaluation midway through the year.

Employee evaluation process at Allegro

Step 1: Employee self-evaluation in the HR system
Step 2: The superior may ask the closest associates and external partners with whom the employee has cooperated for an opinion about him or her,
Step 3: At a face-to-face meeting, the superior and the employee run a performance evaluation, define future goals and discuss development,
Step 4: The evaluation is then entered into the HR system by the superior.


We understand the contemporary labour market and the needs of employees to balance work and private life. That is why we are constantly developing the catalogue of benefits that we offer to our team:

Medical care
employees have access to medical care services not only for themselves but also for their relatives.

Childcare allowance
a monthly fee subsidy for a kindergarten, nursery or a babysitter.

Sports card
the Multisport cards enables to individually choose a sports activity. Employees can order a sports package for themselves, for an accompanying person and for children.

Restaurant card
allows to use catering services at offices or nearby restaurants.

Transport allowance
employees can spend the allowance on a monthly ticket or purchase of fuel.

Life insurance
employees can take out insurance not only for themselves, but also for their spouse/partner and child.

Points bank
the points can be used by employees to purchase Allegro vouchers, as well as store and service vouchers.

Fruit and vegetables
seasonal, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs are delivered to the offices every day. Coffee, tea, juices, milk and cereals are available to employees in all office kitchens.

“WOW” nursery and kindergarten
the company's kindergarten and nursery, located in the PIXEL office building in Poznań, allow everyone to better plan their family life logistics.

One-off allowance
One-off allowance in a difficult life/financial situation.

Repayable home loans with attractive interest rates.

Educational gifts for Children's Day and Christmas.

Children's Day
organised every year in all locations for parents and their children who work at Allegro. We offer many attractions during the event, including art workshops, animation programmes for children, sweet gifts, etc. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to organize Children's Day, so all employees were given an additional day off.

Home Office
In 2020, every employee received PLN 1,000 to purchase home office equipment to work from home.

Staying healthy

We know how important a healthy and active lifestyle is for well-being and staying motivated while attending to everyday matters. For three years we have been organising the Akcja Zdrowie initiative, which helps our employees stay healthy.

We organise Akcja Zdrowie to:

  • Support employees in staying healthy
  • Reduce sickness absence among employees
  • Increase effectiveness and quality of work

In 2019, as part of the health campaign we organised workshops, consultations, lectures, and competitions concerning, among all, stress control, boosting immunity, healthy spine exercises, cooking workshops and advice from nutritionists and personal trainers.

In addition to educating and supporting our employees in preventive initiatives, we strive to ensure they are safe and healthy in the workplace. Our offices have been designed to be comfortable and safe, and everyone can find space for themselves. To relax, employees can take advantage of our silent and play rooms with video game consoles and pool tables, and in some offices also visit outdoor terraces with deckchairs. People-friendly offices and safety procedures enable us to eliminate situations which could have a negative effect on the health of our employees. There were only 2 accidents at work in 2018 and 2019.

Employee volunteering

For three years, we have been supporting the exceptional Szlachetna Paczka campaign. Every year, Allegro employees organise themselves into teams and select families they will prepare Christmas gifts for. Over 700 people are involved in each edition, which makes it the biggest employee initiative in Allegro's history. To help them get on track, Allegro donates PLN 300 to each team. In 2019, for the first time, we also managed to get our merchants involved in the volunteer programme by donating clothes, food, and gift cards.

Szlachetna Paczka 2019

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