2019 Allegro
Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

Letter from the CEO
Allegro’s scale of operations

Allegro strategy

Poles' favourite shopping destination

Allegro has been Poles' favourite shopping destination for over 20 years. Our platform is home to both small and medium-sized Polish businesses as well as the most popular international brands, with a total of 117,000 merchants. Every month Allegro is visited by 20 million customers from all over Poland who value the platform for convenience and security of shopping, attractive prices and a large selection of products.

Allegro is owned by Allegro.pl spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością. Our head office is located in Poznań, at ul. Grunwaldzka 182. Allegro also has offices in Toruń, Kraków, Warsaw, Błonie and Wrocław. We currently operate only in Poland.

Best shopping experience

Our mission is to offer the best shopping experience to customers and great business opportunities to merchants. We focus on their needs, which inspire us to create innovative solutions in which business and technology come together. They make the entire shopping process fast, easy and secure.

What we offer to customers

What we offer to merchants

Business model

Our business model is fully transparent and is centred on connecting merchants offering products with customers looking for the best deals. We are constantly developing the platform to keep improving customer experience, and enable merchants to grow their businesses more easily and dynamically. We generate profit on the transaction fees we charge from sellers when they make a sale. Our other sources of income include advertising space, promotional tools, subscriptions and access to reports. The fee for listing the product regardless of whether it has been sold is charged by us only in a few categories, namely Services and Antiques and Art. No barriers to entry, no fees for listing items in almost all categories and constant development of technology – this is how we build a fair and easily accessible ecosystem for merchants, where doing business pays off. We take on a large part of the sales risk and merchants that start doing business on the platform do not need to bear costs upfront.

Technology created in Poland

We co-create one of the most dynamic and diverse technology communities in Poland powered by agile methodologies, which allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers and merchants. Over 1,000 people work in the technology department, building innovations at Allegro. We introduced several hundred changes to the platform in 2019 alone. Tech education is also one of the pillars of our social commitment.

Common goals

People, their ideas and innovation drive us to act. Despite the large scale of our organization, we make sure each employee knows the strategy, knows how to contribute to its execution and has a sense of participation in forging Allegro's history. We are committed to discussing it with employees during cyclic internal meetings.

Support for society and the economy

The Allegro ecosystem is an important part of the Polish economy and society. Thanks to Allegro, everyone has access to a diverse offer and the best prices. Thanks to Allegro, hundreds of thousands of jobs are created in Poland, and Polish entrepreneurs can reach millions of customers without major investments. This is how we contribute to the development of e-commerce and digital transformation of Polish companies. We also support Polish society with numerous charitable and educational activities.

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