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Customers Satisfaction

Transaction Safety

Security and convenience of customers and merchants are of key importance to us. Thanks to the guarantee of a seamless shopping experience at every stage of the transaction, 90% of Allegro customers consider shopping on Allegro secure. During the pandemic, we also did everything possible to guarantee safe shopping to our customers, including fast and contactless delivery. We also took care of the elderly by launching a hotline for seniors to support them in online shopping, educate them and fight the digital exclusion of seniors.

*the survey was conducted in March 2020 on a group of Allegro mobile application users on the Android operating system.

Cooperation in Protection of Rights Programme

To protect buyers, Allegro cooperates with owners of exclusive rights under the Cooperation in Protection of Rights Programme. There are currently over 1,700 brands participating in the programme. We also partner with the leading brands under the Memorandum of Understanding on the sale of counterfeit goods via the Internet. Apart from addressing violations of intellectual property rights, thanks to the CPR Programme we also protect endangered species and cooperate within the Anti-Smog Coalition.

In 2018, we removed 0.022% of the active listings for violating intellectual property rights, and 0.019% in 2019.


Allegro is a home to 100 thousand merchants and 18 miIlion customers who visit our platform each month. Such a large community sometimes need an effective communications tool to talk about details of their transactions - this is why we created an easy to use dedicated platform where they can start a Discussion to talk to each other. At the customer's request, an Allegro CX advisor can also engage in the Discussion to assist in resolving the dispute. In 2019, discussions were started nearly 1.4 million times, and 96% of them were successfully resolved.

Buyers Protection Programme

Thanks to tools such as the My Sales Quality panel, we let the merchants know how well they are doing compared to others and support them in providing services of the highest quality. This translates to better positioning of their offers sorted by relevance, and thus allows customers to reach the best merchants first.

The Super Seller programme also emphasises high quality. Buyers can also read recommendations and comments posted by other customers. All this enables them to make the best decisions and enjoy a successful shopping experience. For rare situations in which problems arise, we have created the Buyers Protection Programme, which ensures customers get their money back in the event of issues with their purchases. All Allegro transactions and Buy Now/Auctions in Allegro Lokalnie, where items were paid for by bank transfer or via the Allegro platform are covered by the program.

Who is the Buyers Protection Programme for?

  • Customers who did not receive the item they paid for,
  • Customers who received an item that is inconsistent with the description.

The programme ensures compensation up to PLN 10,000. If payment was made via Allegro Finanse, our customers also receive a refund of the shipping cost of up to PLN 100.

We have simplified the incident reporting procedure to the bare minimum. It is sufficient to complete an online form.

getting a refund under the Buyers Protection Programme in 3 easy steps

On-line application

Decision on granting compensation

Refund even within 2 days

Program POK

Allegro is a safe place to shop. In 2019, compensation from the Buyers Protection Programme was paid in 1 out of 8 thousand transactions. So the probability that you will need to use a programme is similar ... to the probability of giving birth to triplets :)


In 2019, we introduced two-factor authentication for customers and merchants. By introducing an additional SMS verification code, unauthorized individuals will not be able to log into the customer's account, even if they know the password. We are also developing anti-fraud tools. Apart from that we also provide our customers with online security educational materials in the Allegro Academy and Allegro Help.
We recorded 1 security incident in 2018 and 2019. It did not pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of our customers.

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